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Veneers have the ability to be joined with other veneers to form a large surface veneer sheet which is glued on MDF to produce veneered MDF. A veneered MDF is a large wooden surface that gives the woodworker the ability to produce a wooden item (a table top, a cupboard or a cabinet) that would either be impossible with solid wood or would be extremely expensive.

The use of veneered MDF is often combined with the use of solid wood to achieve a perfect and economic product. A table, for example can be made with a veneered MDF top, and legs from solid wood.

For this reason we keep a very comprehensive range of veneered MDF in stock matching nearly our entire range of solid wood.

The dimensions available in our stock range are:

  • 3660 or 3050 mm length x 1850 mm width x 10,14,18,24,26 and 31 mm thickness


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