The Spa Aqualife 6 is the quintessential family hot tub. It is a 6-person hydromassage tub: one lounger and seats for 5 people. Buying a hot tub like the Aqualife 6 means choosing a fully ergonomic, comfortable and spacious model with 6 different types of massage designed to provide different benefits to the body (lymphatic drainage, relieving tension, muscular relaxation, recovery after physical exertion, etc.).

It comes with the very durable, high-quality finishes that define Aquavia Spa, prepared to withstand the effects of weather and the passage of time. The standard model comes with features that put it a step above its competitors:

  • Relax Impact: the system based on a powerful hot air massage pump that injects air at the same temperature as the water, impacting the legs and buttocks to provide effective muscular relaxation and immersing the body in a pleasant sea of bubbles.
  • Silent Pump: the silent filtration system that cleans the water while the hot tub is operating.
  • Clean Water: the feature based on a device that generates ozone and injects it into the water just before it is filtered to accelerate the destruction of impurities, sediments and germs for perfectly crystal-clear water.
  • LED chromotherapy spotlight adding value and a new visual sense to the special hydromassage experience.


216 x  198 cm – 6 places

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